Retirement Program Review

Have you had your current retirement program in place for several years? Has your business changed over time? Are you not fully assured by the work provided by your current administrator? Kane Pension Design & Administration can review your current program and make recommendations for possible improvements or customization to best serve your current business needs.

Retirement Program Design

Whether you have an existing retirement plan or are looking to add a plan for the first time, Kane Pension Design & Administration can provide you with a customized design recommendation that focuses on achieving the objectives you have for both yourself and your business. Kane Pension Design & Administration does not provide off the shelf retirement programs but focuses on designing specific plans tailored to the demographics of your business and your individual goals.

Retirement Program Administration

Once you and Kane Pension Design & Administration have determined the best design for your retirement program, Kane Pension Design & Administration will assist you with the implementation, administration and maintenance of your plans. We will prepare documents, assist with platform setup with your record keeper, prepare annual valuations, and prepare annual regulatory filings. Additionally Kane Pension will assist with transactions such as loans and distributions as needed. We also provide audit support in the event that your plan is audited by a regulatory agency.

Administrative Support

Are you the administrator for a pension plan, frustrated that the cost for basic administrative support provided by your actuary keeps going higher and higher? As the large plan market gets more competitive, actuaries have looked for opportunities to increase their profits on ancillary services. Kane Pension Design & Administration can assist you in the preparation of benefit calculations, participant statements and plan research at a substantially lower cost.